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Meet Aurora Cali (Rory)!

Aurora Cali, who goes by Rory, is an Isa Brown, a little darker in color than Tillie Mae. She was in the same purchase as Tillie Mae and was probably hatched around the same time, September 20th, 2020. Rory is a sweet natured chicken. Her and Tillie Mae are best buds and can usually be found roaming and foraging together. Isa Brown chickens originated in France. They are a gentle breed, socialize well with people, and make fantastic pets. Rory is a great egg layer of brown eggs, and she is a friend to all in the flock.

The name Aurora was chosen by our daughter, Asia, and means dawn or goddess of sunrise. Her middle name, Cali, is a nickname from the name Calista and means fairest, beautiful, and lovely. Her first name also relates to the Disney princess Aurora, and the nickname of Rory is a reference to Gilmore Girls, a show my daughters and I love! Cali is also a reference to Callie from Grey’s Anatomy, one of our kids' favorite shows, along with being short for California, one of their favorite places:)

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