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Meet Our Bantams!

For our last batch of chicks, we ordered 1 feather-footed Bantam assortment and 2 Blue Silkie Bantams. Our Bantam assortment turned out to be a Mottled Cochin Bantam (and we have been told a rooster at that!) Mottled Cochins originated in China. Lux is the yellow and black Mottled Cochin Bantam pictured in the photos. Lux was named after Britt Robertson’s character from the TV show, Life Unexpected (one of my daughters and my favorite shows). The name Lux means light and is of Greek origin. Lux was named before we realized he was a rooster, but we decided to keep his name the same because it’s a fairly gender neutral name. He is very much a protector of our other Bantams:)

Tavie, our lighter gray Blue Silkie Bantam, was named by my cousin. Tavie is very brave and was the first to start mixing with the older chickens on her own. Inaru Ayucoa is Tavie’s “twin” and is a bit darker in color. Inaru was named by my mother-in-law who is from Puerto Rico. Inaru means woman or woman spirit. We’re not sure the exact meaning of Ayucoa, but it is very similar in meaning to Yabucoa, the town my mother-in-law lives in PR. Blue Silkie Bantams originated in Asia, and they lay beautiful cream-colored eggs. Although the eggs are smaller on the outside, they are surprisingly a good size for eating.

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