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Meet Our Rhode Island Reds!

I’m grouping this post together because it’s very hard to tell our Rhode Island Reds (RIRs) apart by photos! We can only tell them apart by personality:) Violette Breeze (Lottie) was named by our daughter’s boyfriend. She is a part of the first flock we purchased, so her hatch date was probably sometime around September 20th, 2020. Sersei was named by my mom and got her middle name (Louise) from me. Sersei’s was part of our second purchase of chickens and her “gotcha day” was October 7th, 2020, and she was 3-4 days old at the time. Both Sersei and Lottie are both calm, sweet chickens and lay brown-tinted eggs. Violette Breeze’s name meaning is pretty self-explanatory (purple breeze). Sersei is a variant of the Greek name Cersei which actually means bird. I don’t think my mom knew that at the time of naming, but we all thought Sersei was a pretty cool and unique name:) Sersei’s middle name, Louise, is a French name of German origin that means renowned warrior. Henrietta Lane (our third RIR) has always been the smallest. She is from the second purchased flock (born around October 3rd, 2020) but was the first to integrate herself into the first flock. She can usually be found roaming around by herself and seems a bit fearless! Henrietta (who goes by Henrie) is an old German/French name meaning home ruler. She sure has lived up to this name, making herself at home wherever she goes.

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