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Meet Tillie Mae!

Tillie Mae was our first-named chicken from our very first batch of chicks, hatched around September 20th, 2020. We purchased her on September 24th, so she’s been with us since a wee baby chick (like all our chickens). Isa Browns are a hybrid chicken, most likely a cross between Rhode Island Whites and Rhode Island Reds. They are huge egg producers and can lay up to 300 brown eggs a year. But that’s not why I chose her. She was a fuzzball of yellow and reminded me of a duck when I first saw her at the store (see photo). She was the first chick I chose!

In our family, names hold a lot of meaning, so we always look up name meanings while choosing. “Tillie” is short for Tilda or Matilda and means strength in battle. It’s not a very popular name, but I thought it was such a cute, unique name for a chicken! Some meanings of Mae (Tillie’s middle name- though she never goes by just Tillie, always her full name:) are goddess of springtime, pearl, beloved, and rebelliousness. She lives up to all of these meanings! Tillie Mae is our most picture-friendly chicken, always willing to pose for the camera! She is a sweet, sassy chicken and likes to be queen of the flock! Tillie Mae has been one of our most curious and analytical chickens to date. She doesn’t miss a thing! She’s also the first to come running to the pen door whenever anyone is near! Tillie Mae is a big foodie and enjoys her dried mealworms and chickens scratch very much! :-)

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