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Honoring and Celebrating Black History Month!

Join us in honoring and celebrating February’s Black History Month!


“When children read inclusive books, seeds are planted in their minds, hearts, and souls—seeds of awareness, self-esteem, and connection. If enough such seeds are sown, they will blossom into a society that is far more just and equitable than we’ve ever experienced. Reading in Color is not just fancy for our children’s entertainment. It is necessary for our collective survival.” ~Tameka Fryer Brown, Author


“By reading diverse books, we can increase understanding, empathy, and inclusion. Together, we will work toward a more unified, empathetic, and understanding community.” ~Little Free Library, Read in Color


Valentine’s Day activity printouts, lollipops, bookmarks, pencils, and other goodies are also available! Help yourself, and happy reading!


Sugartree Farmette’s Little Free Library

Charter #123906

14840 Sugarland Rd


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