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Sugartree Farmette FAQs

We are a private farm and closed to the public, aside from Sugartree Farmette’s Little Free Library (Charter # 123906), private photo shoots, and advertised special events that are open to the public.


Please see below for important information and clauses.


Reservations for farm and/or private photography photo sessions at Sugartree Farmette must be made ahead of time. Advertised holiday events are open to the public without prior reservations. Please reach out to us at  or for more information.


If you have a booking but weather conditions or other factors affect your reservations, we will gladly help you to reschedule at no extra cost.


Please request to see Sugartree Farmette’s Welcome Guide for more details. Private professional photographers are permitted (for a fee) so long as it has been previously discussed and noted with booking staff. If you are bringing your own professional photographer to our farmette, please check with them for their particular copyright laws.


Pets are permitted on leash at private photo sessions so long as it has been previously discussed and noted with booking staff. Pets are not permitted at special events open to the public. Service dogs are permitted at all times so long as it has been previously discussed and noted with booking staff.


Supervision of the spaces being used for rent and/or photography purposes is required during bookings and will be monitored by a Sugartree Farmette staff member. 

All visitors acknowledge and willingly accept all potential risks of injury or harm associated with Sugartree Farmette activities. All visitors also agrees to release, indemnify, defend, and permanently absolve farmette staff from any liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, or legal actions related to death, injury, loss, or damage suffered by the visitors.

No food or drinks are permitted inside of the vintage campers. No more than 4 people inside of a vintage camper at one time. No smoking on the property.

Decor and/or props cannot be moved without asking first and having the assistance of a Sugartree Farmette staff member.



Renters of the space and/or photographers are responsible for any damage to the property and its belongings as a result of accidents, negligence, loss, or theft that occurs at the hands of the renters/photographers. If you break something that you don't own, then you must pay for it. A written estimate would be provided for any damage caused by photographers and/or clients and would be expected to be paid within 30 days of notice. 

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