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Era-Enchanted Vintage Campers

Customized Vintage Campers For Every Occasion


Red and White Vintage Camper

A charming and picturesque setting for your next photography adventure! Nestled on the grounds of Sugartree Farmette, this lovingly restored camper transports you to a bygone era, offering a unique backdrop for capturing timeless moments. The warm, rustic interior features cozy seating, constantly-changing décor to reflect every season of life, and carefully curated details that provide an authentic and inviting atmosphere. Our vintage camper is not just a prop; it's an experience—a step back in time that adds a touch of magic to your photography endeavors! Whether you're aiming for a romantic engagement shoot, a bohemian portrait session, or a whimsical family gathering, this vintage gem offers a versatile canvas for your creative vision.

Camper 2.jpg

Blue and White Vintage Camper

A mobile haven of timeless charm and limitless photo opportunities! This meticulously restored vintage camper not only serves as a picturesque backdrop for photography but also doubles as a whimsical travel companion, ready to roll into events and create unforgettable memories. Step inside this enchanting time capsule on wheels to discover an interior adorned with retro flair. The warm tones, cozy seating, and carefully selected vintage details evoke the spirit of a bygone era, setting the stage for a unique and nostalgic photography experience. Whether you're aiming for a romantic engagement shoot, a fun and unique portrait session, or capturing candid moments at events, the camper offers a versatile and stylish setting. Beyond its role as a stationary photo booth, this camper is road-ready and eager to travel to your desired event locations. Imagine the charming camper parked at weddings, festivals, or any special celebration, becoming a mobile hub of creativity and vintage allure. The camper isn't just about photography—it's an experience on the move. Picture it against the backdrop of a scenic landscape or as the centerpiece at an outdoor gathering, providing an inviting space for guests to step back in time while creating lasting memories.

Camper 2.jpg

Rental Pricing

On the Farmette (Two-Hour Minimum):

Red and White Camper: From $200

Blue and White Camper: From $200

Rental of Both Campers: From $300

For questions, or to rent the blue and white camper to travel to your event, please contact us:

Prices are subject to change.

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