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Meet Saphira and Camilla!

Saphira and Camilla are both Easter Eggers from our second batch of chicks, so they probably hatched around October 3rd, 2020. They are two of our sweetest chickens and never pick on anyone in the flock. They can most always be found together and are best friends. Both have beautiful feather colorings, Camilla being the lighter one and Saphira being the darker one. They lay blue/green eggs, adding to our rainbow mix of eggs! Easter Eggers are a hybrid breed originating from either the Araucana or Ameraucana that has been bred with another breed.

Saphira was named by my brother after Eragon’s dragon from the book The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. She has a mix of orange and black feathers and kind of resembles a hawk. She is one of our shyer chickens but is a true sweetheart. Camilla has a mix of orange, gray, and black feathers and was named by my aunts (and sometimes goes by Queen Camilla). The name Camilla means free-born and noble. Both Saphira and Camilla are special additions to our flocks and we just love their green/blue-tinted eggs!

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